Please read these rules carefully and review them with your students before arriving at Holiday Hill. Your signature on the registration form indicates your agreement to accept and abide by these rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a school’s rejection from next year’s CSLD.

  1. School-Sponsored Event: A school’s participation in CSLD must be an official school activity or field trip. Students must be current Latin or Ancient Greek students. Each school must have a minimum of 1 chaperone for every 20 students (including the Latin teacher) regardless of the number of students participating. Chaperones must be approved by the school they represent.
  1. Arrival and Departure: All students must arrive to, and depart from, Holiday Hill with their schools together with an official school chaperone. No student may drive to Holiday Hill or on Holiday Hill property. Students arriving separately from their school will not be allowed to enter CSLD, nor will individual early dismissal be allowed.
  1. Dress Code: ALL students, teachers and chaperones, all day long, must wear at least a tunica that decently covers them. See website for model tunicae. Judges will disqualify anyone not in proper Roman dress. Bathing suits may be worn at the pool area only; no bikinis are allowed.

HOW TO MAKE A tunica

  1. Bags and Backpacks: Students are NOT allowed to bring bags or backpacks of any kind into Holiday Hill.
  1. Health and Safety: CSLD is a smoke- and drug-free event. No student, teacher, chaperone or staff member may smoke. No alcohol or drugs may be used by anyone. No weapons of any sort, including laser pointers, may be brought to CSLD. The management of Holiday Hill and the CSLD Committee reserve the right to conduct inspections for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and weapons. For emergency situations, there is a nurse’s station on the premises.
  1. Behavioral Expectations: Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the conduct of their students. Any student who is a potential discipline problem should not come to CSLD.
  1. Chaperone Responsibilities: All teachers and chaperones are assigned supervisory duties throughout the day at CSLD. It is the teacher’s responsibility to inform all chaperones about their duties before arriving at Holiday Hill. Teachers and chaperones are expected to arrive to their duties on time and fulfill said duties throughout the entire scheduled time.



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