CSLD 2019 Wrap-up

photo from Wilton High School

Salvete Omnes!

Thank you all for attending CSLD 2019!  We had 44 schools and 1289 total people attend (1330 registered).  Once again the weather was uncooperative but like good Romans we soldiered on!  

RESULTS: We put medals, ribbons, and certificates in the mail last Friday, so everyone should be receiving those prizes quite soon.  For academic contest winners, we included students’ original scantrons with certificates; ribbons were mailed for athletic contests and tunica contest (winners here); display project winners win medals (winners here).  Some medals were picked up at Latin Day.  If you have questions or issues, please email Drew (warchut@gmail.com).

Congratulations to Alessia Ricigliano from Southington, who won the William J. Mayer Opus Optimum Best in Show Award for her painting “Icarus”!

Congratulations also to New Canaan High School for winning the Nancy Lister Summa Cum Virtute Best in Spirit Award!  This is the second consecutive year for NCHS!

OUR COMMUNITY: We remind teachers to support Latin Day by ensuring that everyone is doing their part at the the event.  This includes making sure students are wearing appropriate Roman dress, directing chaperones to their proper assignments, and pushing students toward a range of activities.  Every year we get complaints about these matters, and while many many schools do a great job, it is ultimately up to each Latin teacher to make these expectations clear.

PICTURES: Now that we’ve put our media waiver in place, we are hoping to collect some great photos from Latin Day for the website and brochure.  If you or your students are willing to share their pictures, please put them in the google photos album below. Be sure you do not include images of anyone with a red circle pin visible.  Be aware that this album will be publicly available. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1ftWwwH5nNpUo9qk7

SURVEY: You can fill out the online (google form) version of the survey here: https://forms.gle/ZRsH1JYUhAnpMBLq6.  We value your feedback.

FINAL MEETING: The CSLD committee final meeting will be June 8th in Glastonbury.  Please reply to the wrap-up email or indicate your interest in the survey if you’re interested in attending.

PRESS LINK: Here is the link to a story on CSLD from the Waterbury-based Republican-American (beware of paywall):


GRATIAS VOBIS: Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a success.  Thank you to the certamen-ers, judges, presenters, workshoppers, and chaperones.  Thanks to the students who helped run workshops this year. Thank you to Mary Sersanti for running Costumes and the Tunica Contest once again.  Thanks to Barbara Joliat for coordinating judging for banners, chariots, and military standards.

Thank you to the tireless members of the CSLD 2019 Committee: Nina Barclay, Sarah Frechette, Jan Frazier (academic contests co-chair), Paul Giblin (treasurer and academic contests co-chair), Cristina Corona (certamen chair), David Sterry-Brine (press and declamation chair), Stephany Pascetta (presentations chair), Julia Fedoryk (projects chair), and Clement Kuehn (workshops chair).

Thank you also to Classconn’s board and members for supporting the Classics (Guys, Classconn membership is $20 and you get a $20 discount on CSLD Registration!  They didn’t even ask me to write that; it’s a no-brainer http://classconn.org/membership-temp)

We hope CSLD 2019 was a great event for you and your students.  We hope you’ll be back next spring.

Drew Warchut & Arlette de Koning

Co-Chairs, Connecticut State Latin Day 2019





Just a quick update with results from CSLD 2019.  Here is the list of winners for projects and here’s the list for athletic and miscellaneous events.  Keep in mind that quite a few events were either sparsely attended or cancelled due to weather.  Apologies to schools scheduled to play soccer after Holiday Hill apparently ended the event.  That’s all for now.

CSLD 2019 Taking Shape

Hi all,

By now all schools who are registered have gotten a confirmation email with student/chaperone numbers and T-shirt orders.  Please double-check the numbers.

This is a short update, mostly just to share information as it rolls in.  Some folks were asking last week, so I know there is a thirst for it.  The schedule of events, activities grid, and a bit more are now posted under ‘Important Info‘ — check out the new presentations offered this year.  We are working out some other details, in particular the chaperone duties will be coming this week.

You can expect to receive the ‘admission packet’ email in the next week.  It will have the map, diploma, schedules of all sorts, and more.  In the meantime I will post these documents under ‘Important Info’ as they are completed.

Tempus Mirabillimum


Latin Day is now just a month away!  Once more, Holiday Hill staffers are tidying up cabins, workshoppers are gathering their supplies, and spring is beckoning the grass on a certain chariot-racing field.  At CT schools students are practicing fastening togas, or constructing display projects, or rehearsing declamation passages.  Latin Day energy is in the air.

The CSLD registration deadline is Tues, April 2nd.  Schools need to have their check and registration postmarked by then.  We have this early date in order to coordinate chaperones, and also to inform Holiday Hill about the number of people to expect.  There is a google form for online registration here, but we can not offer online payment at this time, so you still need to mail a check.  All mailings go to:

ClassConn c/o Drew Warchut

Irving Robbins Middle School

20 Wolf Pit Rd

Farmington, CT 06032

Registrations are now rolling in.  You can expect a confirmation email once we’ve verified the numbers and processed the information from the form.  If you anticipate problems meeting the deadline, please email me directly at warchut@gmail.com.

Also remember that students can not travel independently either to or from CSLD.  We all have students who would like to attend Latin Day but have other commitments.  If students or parents were driving we would overwhelm the venue and potentially lose accountability of who is in attendance.

February Update

Salvete veterani et novi,

Here’s hoping you are making it through the wild weather and constant contagion of late!

If you’re reading this, and you’ve never attended Latin Day, then welcome!  We have a lot of pride in our annual event that brings together Latin students for a chance to celebrate Latin and have some fun.  Sometimes there’s rain, and sometimes there’s sun, but the food is good, friendships are warm, and unabashed passion for Latin shines everywhere you look.

We on the Latin committee want to continue to spread the message and welcome schools of all kinds.  I did a little re-organization of our menus so novi can find some basic information about what we do.  I plan to add more items for new folks over time as well; please share if you have something you believe would help!

I have one update for everyone, regarding the coordinated tunica contest.  This contest lets a school display its spirit by choosing a logo and theme, and being able to articulate the meaning behind these choices.  We are increasing the maximum cost of each tunica to $25.  We are also modifying the participation requirement to either 50% of attendees or 10 students, whichever is lower.  This should help bigger schools, and those who have difficulty organizing themselves for the judging.  You can find the full rules and requirements here: tunica-contest.

The committee is working on some ideas that aren’t quite finalized, but I anticipate a few big announcements coming.  Until next time, stay healthy and dry.

Logo and Registration


We have a logo for Latin Day 2019.  Many congratulations to Olivia Geromin of E.O. Smith on submitting the winning design below.  We also want to congratulate the several other students who submitted designs for theme of Ars Longa, Vita Brevis.  We are proud of your awesome work.

CSLD 2019 Logo

This means we can open registration for CSLD 2019.  Below are the registration form and T-shirt order form.  We will be updating this website for 2019 in the next few weeks, so you may see some minor changes.  We should also have an update after the next CSLD meeting in January.  In the meantime, we wish everyone a happy and safe winter break — Ferias Laetas!


t-shirt-order-form-2019 final

Welcome to CSLD MMXIX

Salvete Omnes!  Preparation for CSLD 2019 has begun!

Here is the info for the CSLD T-shirt Contest 2019 Updated. And a google doc of the T-shirt form.  The theme this year is Ars Longa, Vita Brevis!

CSLD 2019 will take place on April 26th, 2019 at Holiday Hill in Cheshire.

Also, we have experienced a lot of Latin Day workshop coordinators who are stepping down, and we could really use more/new teachers willing to run a workshop.  In recent years we have lost longtime workshop coordinators for Roman Coins, Clay Sculpting, Roman Jewelry, Latin Sing Along, Lumpies and now Wreath Making (to name a few).

So, if you have a lesson that you are excited to teach and think would work at Latin Day, PLEASE CONTACT US.  We can reimburse for supplies and we offer free admission for workshop coordinators.  Just tell us your room needs, we’ll reserve a space, and you bring supplies and receipts to Latin Day — you don’t need to attend any meetings.

You can email me at warchut@gmail.com and/or our workshops coordinator at clement.kuehn@meridenk12.org.