Academic Contests

The academic tests at CSLD are designed to be challenging and thought provoking to students of all levels. The tests encourage students to see the many facets of Classical Studies and appreciate the breadth of Latin curricula.

Rules and Procedures

To increase students’ accountability for their behavior, there will be close supervision of each aspect of the testing.

Students may not enter during the final 30 minutes of the testing session.

  • Entrance and exit will be restricted to one check point.
  • Proctors will give table numbers and check for tunics as students arrive.
  • Students will receive a card with their assigned table number at the door.
  • Students will not be permitted to sit with friends from their school.
  • Students will only be able to take three tests in any given testing session.

Any noisy or uncooperative student will have their test confiscated, will be eliminated from competition and the test sheet will be returned to their teacher.

ClassConn and Connecticut State Latin Day Committee are not liable for the content of the tests.

Test results are not to be used for academic purposes within a student’s school.


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