Welcome to CSLD MMXIX

Salvete Omnes!  Preparation for CSLD 2019 has begun!

Here is the info for the CSLD T-shirt Contest 2019 Updated. And a google doc of the T-shirt form.  The theme this year is Ars Longa, Vita Brevis!

CSLD 2019 will take place on April 26th, 2019 at Holiday Hill in Cheshire.

Also, we have experienced a lot of Latin Day workshop coordinators who are stepping down, and we could really use more/new teachers willing to run a workshop.  In recent years we have lost longtime workshop coordinators for Roman Coins, Clay Sculpting, Roman Jewelry, Latin Sing Along, Lumpies and now Wreath Making (to name a few).

So, if you have a lesson that you are excited to teach and think would work at Latin Day, PLEASE CONTACT US.  We can reimburse for supplies and we offer free admission for workshop coordinators.  Just tell us your room needs, we’ll reserve a space, and you bring supplies and receipts to Latin Day — you don’t need to attend any meetings.

You can email me at warchut@gmail.com and/or our workshops coordinator at clement.kuehn@meridenk12.org.


One thought on “Welcome to CSLD MMXIX

  1. Hi Drew.
    My students at Bristol Central and I are broken-hearted. Our BoE broke tradition this year and scheduled our April vacation for the last week of April instead of the usual 3rd week of April.
    For the first time in the history of State Latin Day (or at least going back to 1981), BCHS will not be able to attend CSLD. My kids had already started projects to enter. We’re so sad about this. We hope that they return to 3rd week of April next year. 😦

    Kelly A. Monahan-DiNoia
    Teacher of Latin
    Advisor to InterAct club
    Bristol Central High School
    480 Wolcott Street
    P.O. Box 700
    Bristol, CT 06011-0700
    860-584-7735 ext. 611029

    Privileged and confidential. If received in error, please notify me by e-mail and delete the message.

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