CSLD 2018 Final Post

Salvete Omnes,

Thank you everyone for making Latin Day 2018 a success.  We had 46 schools and 1442 people register this year, a bit fewer than last year.  We braved the rain and some of us even got to take in a muddy chariot race.

RESULTS: You can find results from the athletic competitions in the last posting. The list of display project winners was shared in the last email.  Ribbons, certificates, and medals are being mailed to your schools today.  Congratulations to the winners of the first ever Nancy Lister Summa Cum Virtute Best in Spirit Award, New Canaan High School!  Also congratulations to the winner of the first ever William J. Mayer Opus Optimum Best in Show Award, Waterford High School’s Catherine Saucier!

BAGS & BACKPACKS: We noticed a lot of bags being carried around this year.  Remember that the policy of CSLD and Holiday Hill is that no bags are allowed.  Students are likely to break or lose items they bring. This year one attendee lost a bag with a valuable item, which was thankfully found after hours.  Do not put yourself in this situation — use the bag check or don’t bring one at all.

ROMAN DRESS: Once again, many students were not dressed in appropriate Roman dress. A white t-shirt is not a tunica, a sheet around your neck is not a toga or worse: no Roman dress is not acceptable. Proper Roman attire is one of the hallmarks of our event – teachers and chaperones need to emphasize this rule prior and enforce it during the day.

CHAPERONES: We worked hard to make chaperone duties more equitable this year, reducing assignments to 90 minutes, specifying the window and even providing reminder cards at the welcome tent.  We also salute the chaperones who served beyond their stated time.

SURVEY: You can fill out the online (google form) version of the survey in the previous posting, or ask and we can send a word/pdf version.  We value your feedback.

FINAL MEETING: The CSLD committee final meeting has already happened.  Anyone interested in joining the CSLD 2019 committee can reply to this email or indicate interest on the survey.

PRESS LINKS: Here are some links from local organizations who came to cover CSLD:



GRATIAS VOBIS: Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a success.  Thank you everyone who judged, presented, ran workshops, and chaperoned throughout the day.  Thank you to the tireless members of the CSLD 2018 Committee: Jan Frazier (academic contests co-chair), Paul Giblin (treasurer and academic contests co-chair), Cristina Corona (certamen chair), David Sterry-Brine (press and declamation chair), Stephany Pascetta (presentations chair), Julia Fedoryk (projects chair), Clement Kuehn (projects chair), Nina Barclay, and Chris Chan. Thank you to Mary Sersanti for running Costumes and the Tunica Contest. Thank you also to the many people we may be forgetting!

We hope CSLD 2018 was a great event for you and your students.  We hope you’ll be back next spring.

Drew Warchut & Arlette de Koning

Co-Chairs, Connecticut State Latin Day 2018


Survey & Results

Salvete Omnes,

Despite the rain, CSLD 2018 was a blast.  The final letter/email is in progress, but for now I can post the results page, and a link to our annual survey.  Please take a moment to respond, as we on the committee can always use input and perspectives different from our own.  Gratias!

CSLD 2018 Results

CSLD 2018 Survey