Logo and Registration

Salvete!  Ignoscete mihi, it has been too long since my last post.  So much to update.

First, congratulations to Aki at Stratford High School, who submitted the winning design for the CSLD 2018 Logo competition:


Thank you to all the students who submitted designs.  It was a difficult year to pick from the excellent submissions.

Next, registration is now active.  I rearranged the form so that only new ‘rules’ are on the front top section.  The older rules are still in effect and first-time attendees should read them carefully, but they will be on page 2.  The new rules are as follows:

  • Registration will close on 4/2/2018. Your registration and payment must be postmarked on or by that date to attend.
  • There is no limit on students per school attending. Over 40 students requires additional chaperones.
  • Teachers/Chaperones who run a workshop or presentation, as well as Latin Day Committee Coordinators, will be admitted for free. Please indicate the event with chaperone information below.  Only the person responsible for organizing and executing the event earns free admission — other chaperones count toward the paid total.
  • Basketball will be a scheduled event this year, like volleyball and soccer. 

This year, you will need to submit registration and payment by April 2nd.  We will not accept payment after then.