Announcing CSLD 2018: Sic Parvis Magna

Salvete Omnes!

We hope you had a relaxing and refreshing summer.  The CSLD committee met in August and we are happy to announce that the theme for CSLD 2018 will be Sic Parvis Magna and the date will be April 27th, 2018.  This is also when we announce the T-Shirt contest — remember the winner receives free admission to Latin Day and two free T-shirts with their logo.  You can find all the details here: tshirt contest.

The next CSLD meeting will be November 4th at 9:30 in Glastonbury.  This meeting is open to anyone who’d like to help — we’ve had several people move on and need some brave souls to lend a hand.  If you’re interested, email the chairs at and

We will have more announcements to post this fall, so check back often!