Results and Awards

Salvete Omnes!

Last week we mailed ribbons for athletic competitions of all sorts.  I neglected to include the actual results sheet — my apologies.  You can find them here:CSLD 2017 Results

I am posting the winners for display projects here: Display Award Winners .  Note that some information is still incomplete.  Winners for the new ‘Best in Show’ prize can expect to receive a medal in the mail.  We hope to award the medal on site starting next year.

Here are the winners for academic contests: Academic Contest Winners 2017 .  Thank you to teachers for helping us track down whose contests were whose.  We will be emailing the award certificates to teachers this year.  Simply fill in which contest and sign the certificate.

Thank you everyone once again for making Latin Day an event to be proud of.  If you are interested in serving on the committee (and did not already say so on the survey), email me at  Thanks and have a great summer!


CSLD 2017 Perfectus Est!



Thank you everyone for making Latin Day 2017 a great success.  We had 54 schools and 1644 people attend this year.  Once again we had beautiful weather and the day went without any major issues!

RESULTS: You can find results from the athletic competitions, academic contests and display projects on the website soon.  Here are some of the results: CSLD 2017 Results  Ribbons and certificates will be sent directly to your schools soon.  

ROMAN DRESS: Many students were not dressed in appropriate Roman dress. A white t-shirt is not a tunica, a sheet around your neck is not a toga or worse: no Roman dress is not acceptable. Proper Roman attire is one of the hallmarks of our event – teachers and chaperones need to emphasize this rule prior and enforce it during the day. If not  Latin Day will look and feel like any other field day.

CHAPERONES: We noticed a wide discrepancy in both chaperone assignments, as well as chaperone performance.  Chaperone assignments are normally two hours and naturally some assignments are harder than others.  The committee plans to look at making the assignments more equitable in the future.  In the meantime, if you worked with an outstanding chaperone this year, tell us about it in the survey.

SURVEY: If you did not hand in the survey during CSLD, please take a moment to fill out the survey that we emailed a few days ago.  You can also find it hereFill out only the questions you choose (only your name and email are required).  Here is a word version of the survey: Evaluation Form 2017  We need responses by May 12th.

FINAL MEETING: The CSLD committee final meeting will be Saturday May 13th at 9:30am in Glastonbury.  Anyone who would like to give input in person or anyone interested in helping to plan and organize Latin Day 2018 is welcome.  Please RSVP to this email and we’ll send details.

GRATIAS: Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a success.  Thank you everyone who judged, presented, ran workshops, and chaperoned throughout the day.  Thank you to the dedicated members of the CSLD 2017 Committee: Julia Fedoryk, Stephany Pascetta (presentations chair),  Paul Giblin (treasurer and academic contests co-chair), Jan Frazier (academic contests co-chair and projects co-chair), David Sterry-Brine (press and declamation), Clement Kuehn (projects chair), and Cristina Corona (academic contests co-chair). A special thank you to Joyce Narden and Paula Chabot, in their final year of running workshops on the committee.  Thank you to Peter O’Sullivan for running Certamen.  And a warm thank you to Amy White, former committee chair, who took care of t-shirts and patiently shepherded us through this experience all year.  Thank you also to the many people we may be forgetting!

We hope CSLD 2017 was a great event for you and your students.  We hope you’ll be back next spring.

Drew Warchut & Arlette de Koning

Co-chairs, Connecticut State Latin Day 2017