With Latin Day coming Friday, I thought I’d share what’s new this year:

-We’ll have a shared community project, a ‘Common Mosaic‘ that all Latin Day participants can contribute to when they have a few minutes.  It’s been described as a flashmob-style art project!  Check it out on the open air pavilion, 9am-1pm.

-We have a new Recitatio workshop, for students of all abilities interested in how Latin sounded.  You’ll also learn the art of declamation.  11:30-12:30 in Cabin XX.  Students who attend may then compete in the Declamation competition at 1:00 in the main pavilion.

-This year we’ll have a new ‘Welcome Tent‘ near the bus entrance.  This is a perfect spot to take a photo of your discipuli tunicati before the action.  It’s also a place to pick up a map or schedule if you need an extra.

-Two new interactive workshops will be offered.  Roman Herbs lets students touch, smell, see — maybe even taste — herbs that were commonly used in Roman times.  Roman herbs is offered 12:00-1:00 and 1:00-2:00 in cabin XVII.  Tabula is a simple Roman board game students can learn and play in groups.  Tabula is offered 12:30-2:30 in cabin XI.  For descriptions of all workshops as Latin Day, visit the Workshops & Presentations tab.


Registration is now closed. CSLD 2017 List of Attendees is the final list of schools and the number of attendees.


Finally, Chaperones by School CSLD 2017 is the list of chaperones by school.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Friday!


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