Planning out your Latin Day


In order to help you plan Latin Day with your students, I’ve posted some updated information under the Important Info for CSLD 2017 page.  There you’ll find the official diploma for this year, the schedule of events, activity grid, workshop descriptions, chaperone assignments, and scheduled sports times.  It’s a good idea to share these with first-time Latin Day attendees.  If you can’t spare class time or club time, just telling students about this website lets them plan much of their day.

One major change you’ll notice as you plan your day is that Academic Contests will only be given once, 10:00-12:00.  If you, like I, require students to take an academic contest during the day (and I highly recommend using the diploma system to ensure this), be aware that they will need to take it before noon.

Finally, I mistakenly sent out last year’s project labels in the registration packet.  While you may use the old ones, you can access current project here: project_labels_2017.  You should also read the new project guidelines (csld-display-projects-general-information-2017), in particular please submit all projects by 9:00am in the main pavilion.


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