Registration Packets are Out!

Can you feel the impending exhilaration of another Latin Day just around the corner?  Registration packets are in the mail and should be reaching your schools by the end of the week.  Inside you’ll find useful information that we on the CSLD committee recommend reading carefully, then sharing with your students and fellow chaperones.  If you don’t receive your packet by Monday (April 24th), please email me personally ASAP (  Thank you for bearing with us in our first turn as chairs.

I’ll be uploading documents for you in the next few days, as well as highlighting new and changing plans for this year, but I want to address chaperones for a moment.

Two changes this year have led to many chaperones not getting their preferred events: 1) there will only be one session of academic contests and 2) we have decided that chaperones should not be assigned to certamen if they could potentially be judging their own team.  So we will be disappointing some of you.  However, please keep an open mind about your assignment this year and know that Latin Day relies on responsible adults making the event fun and safe for our students.  Thank you.


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