Photos 2016


IMG_0710CSLD 2016 Committee Chairperson Amy White with her students from Ellington High School


Winners of the Boys’ Chariot Race, Ellington


The Roman Legion


Ellington’s Military Standard and Chariot


Bunnell’s Chariot


Fitch’s Banner and Military Standard



North Haven’t First Place Banner


St. Paul’s Chariot



Finis CSLD 2016

Salvete, omnes!

Thank you for attending Connecticut State Latin Day 2016 and helping to make it such a wonderful day! The weather was nearly perfect, and it seemed that everyone had a great time. We had 50 schools (fewer than last year) with just over 1,600 people (more than last year) in attendance, and no major issues.

RESULTS: Below is a link that will bring you the list of results from the athletic contests and projects; your school’s ribbons will be sent out soon. Academic contest results will come separately. This webpage from Dr. Clement Kuehn features some of the outstanding projects and the winning videos from the Ecce Videos! competition:

Results 2016

PROBLEMS: The biggest issue we saw this year was the huge number of students not wearing proper Roman tunicas that would decently cover them if they were wearing nothing else, which is the rule. Wearing a sheet as a sash across your shoulder is not a tunica. Neither is a long t-shirt. If a student can’t put in the effort to make and wear a tunica, s/he should not attend CSLD. When we have press come to Latin Day and students are wearing street clothes, our day is not distinguished from any other, as it should be. It’s not just a field day.

WEBSITE: It’s important to check this website periodically for announcements throughout the year. Please bookmark it and make time to check it regularly, especially in the beginning of the school year for announcements, in January for registration information, and in the days leading up to CSLD when there might be last minute changes.

EVALUATION SURVEY: Please take a few minutes to fill out this year’s evaluation survey here. This year we are also asking for student input, so feel free to share this link with your students.  Your opinions matter, and are taken seriously in the committee’s’ planning. Survey deadline: May 13.

GRATIAS VOBIS: Thank you to everyone who made this year a success. Thanks in particular to the distinguished volunteers of the CSLD  2016 Committee: Stephany Pascetta (website and consultant), Joyce Narden (workshops co-chair), Paula Chabot (workshops co-chair), Paul Giblin (treasurer and academic contests co-chair), Jan Frazier (academic contests co-chair), Arlette DeKoning (presentations chair), Drew Warchut (press and academic contests co-chair), David Sterry-Brine (press) and Clement Kuehn (the new projects director). Thank you to Peter O’Sullivan for running Certamen, Bill Bingham for running Declamation, and all the presenters, judges, workshop-runners, and chaperones without whom CSLD wouldn’t be possible. My apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone.

Finally, it has been my pleasure to be the Chair of the CSLD Committee for the past five years, and I hope you think I’ve done a good job. However, it’s time for a change, and so after our final meeting, I’ll be passing the torch. It was wonderful working with all of you for my long tenure as a committee member, and then as chair, and I hope you enjoy a healthy, happy, restful summer.

Amy S. White

Chair, Connecticut State Latin Day 2016