Connecticut State Latin Day is this Friday.

Below please find the final schedule (with some changes), a copy of this year’s diploma, a grid with the times and locations of workshops and presentations, a guide for making a tunica for those who waited until the last minute, the project labels sheet, and a copy of the rules.

Especially note the times of certamen and the academic contests, which are always a big part of CSLD. Also note your chaperone assignment and notify your co-chaperones of theirs. We can’t run events without chaperones.

Remember to turn in only the number of bracelet ends as you have students; any unused bracelets should be discarded.

Please share and review all information with your students and let’s have a great CSLD this year!

There will be an evaluation form posted after CSLD for students and teachers alike. Please fill one out and ask your students to do so as well.

Final Schedule

Diploma 2016

Workshops and Presentations Grid

Project Labels 2016

Rules and How to Make a Tunica


Roman Coca-Cola?

Hope this “ancient” Coca-Cola ad inspires you to get your tunica on and get ready for this year’s CSLD.

Click on it to enlarge.

April 29 is right around the corner!

Registration packets are going in the mail today.

roman coke ad


Thanks to Maloney High teacher Jim Mangino for the ad.