CSLD 2015 Academic Contest Results

Click to see the results of the CSLD 2015 Academic Contests. Certificates for student winners will be in the mail soon. Thanks to Jan Frazier, Paul Giblin and Drew Warchut (and all the contest chaperones) for running and scoring contests and tabulating the results. Disclaimers: If there was no level listed, the exam was placed into the highest category. Also, some names were very difficult to read; we apologize for any errors.

Academic Contest Winners 2015



CSLD 2015 Evaluation Survey

CSLD 2015 Evaluation Survey

Latin Teachers, please go to this link to fill out a survey evaluating this year’s CT State Latin Day so the committee can work on improving the event. Surveys are due May 15th.

And since you’re on your computer anyway, check out the Photo Gallery posted by the Hartford Courant or here (with more text): http://courantblogs.com/photo/2015/05/ct-state-latin-day/

Also, our Greek Dancing presenter, Helene, has asked me to share this list of GREEK FESTIVALS 2015 coming to the state, and a list of GREEK FOLK DANCES. 2015. Several students requested these.

Come back soon for event results…