Looking for Lumpies (In All the Right Places!)

Hey, CSLD blogophiles! If you are like us here at Latin Day HQ,  your excitement for Latin Day is ramping up!

  • Your tunica is already pressed and decorated.
  • You have arranged transportation for your chariot.
  • Your model of the Colosseum is boxed and ready to go.
  • You’ve recited the declamation passage so many times that your friends and neighbors are refusing your phone calls.
  • You have been practicing for the All-You-Can Eat Nacho Breakfast Bar by going to Moe’s at 8:30 in the morning and demanding as much El Guapo as they will give you.

What else can you do to prepare for glorious, glorious Latin Day? I’ll tell you what: Lumpies.


Yes, Lumpies. Everyone’s favorite Latin Day workshop is back again this year. But have you ever desperately wanted to paint a lumpy, waited in line in the rain for hours, finally got to the cabin, only to find out that that dude in the “long T-shirt” he’s calling a tunica took the last lumpy?

Not a tunica, bro.

Annoying, right? It’s happened to me. But not this year. No, sir. This year, I am making a special call for lumpies.

You can help bake lumpies for Latin Day so no student ever has to endure a dearth of lumpy magic. They are really easy to make and you can do it as a Latin club activity or with a few friends. After you make the lumpies, bring the finished products to the lumpy cabin the day of Latin Day.

If you would like to help out with lumpies, please contact us @ ctstatelatinday@yahoo.com and we will send you the recipe. Not only is it easy, it is fun.

Extra Special Bonuses:     You get to try out your favorite ornamentation on any “not-quite-ready-for-Latin-Day lumpies, or you can pluck your favorite lumpy from your batch, hide it in the sinus of your toga and whip it out at the workshop.