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Latin Day 2015 Archives

Friday, May 1, 2015: non semper ea sunt quae videntur

Registration Form 2015

CSLD Rules Printable Document

List of Schools Attending

Preliminary Schedule 2015

2015 Workshop Descriptions

2015 Presentation Descriptions

Grid Showing Workshops and Presentations


Academic Contest Winners 2015

2015 Diploma

CSLD Brochure 2015

CSLD 2015 Evaluation Survey

Photo Gallery posted by the Hartford Courant or here:  http://courantblogs.com/photo/2015/05/ct-state-latin-day/


The winning T-shirt design came from Krysta, a Latin III student at Southington High School, who will receive free admission to CSLD 2015 as well as two complimentary t-shirts as a prize. Congratulationes!

tshirt design

T-Shirt Order Form 2015

Academic Contests

To increase students’ accountability for their behavior, we will have closer supervision of each aspect of the testing this year. Students may enter only during the first 15 minutes of the testing session.

  • Entrance and exit will be restricted to one check point.
  • 2 proctors will give table numbers and check for tunics as students arrive.
  • Students will receive a card with their assigned table number at the door.
  • Students will not be permitted to sit with friends from their school.
  • Students will only be able to take three tests in any given testing session.

Any noisy or uncooperative student will have their test confiscated, will be eliminated from competition and the test sheet will be returned to their teacher.

2015 Declamation Packet

School Banner

Military Standards

Costume Contest

Couple – Jupiter and any female relating to theme

Female – Thetis

Male – Proteus

Costume contest

Tunica Contest

Other Contest Information

2015 Declamation Packet

School Banner

Military Standards

Certamen Rules

Chariot design rules and judging rubric

The following categories had no changes for 2015: athletic contests, display projects


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