It’s Almost Here!

No more reminders…just get in your tunicas, grab your schedule and diploma, and be ready for a great CSLD 2014!


Rule Reminder: No Bags or Backpacks @ CSLD

Excerpted from 2014 CSLD Rules:

4. Bags and Backpacks: Students are NOT allowed to bring bags or backpacks of any kind into Holiday Hill.

For the safety and well-being of all students, teachers, and staff, NO student is  allowed to carry a backpack or bag onto Holiday Hill property. Holiday Hill and CSLD does not have the staff to search incoming bags and backpacks for weapons, drugs, alcohol, or other potentially hazardous items.

Any student who does come off their bus  with a bag will be instructed to place it on a bag-holding bus at the bus parking lot. CSLD and Holiday Hill are not responsible for property left on this bus, so the best way to ensure that property is safe is to not bring it to CSLD. Of course, if your bus is staying with you all day, your students may leave any bags on your own bus, however, students will not be allowed to access the buses during CSLD.

We look to our teachers and chaperones to help enforce this safety policy. To sir topham hatteliminate confusion and delay, please tell your students in advance that backpacks and bags are not permitted.Remind them that Holiday Hill provides everything they need for the day, including towels for the pool. Everything is paid for, so they will not need money. Students who carry medication can make arrangements to wear clothing with pockets or place the item in the sinus of their toga. There is also a Nurse’s Office where medication may be dropped off.

Thank you for helping to keep Latin Day safe for everyone! If you have any specific questions, please contact the CSLD Committee at See you soon!

toga sinus


The Importance of Being Chaperones

CSLD is right around the corner! You have probably read the post on proper attire, and this year the Tunica Police are going to be out in full force, with some special rewards for those who are dressed for (Roman) success!

Here is another reminder from your friendly, neighborhood Latin Day Committee:

 We Can’t Do This Without You!

That’s right, we can’t! I know it looks like Holiday Hill has everything covered. It really is quite something, the way they handle the athletics and flip out a never-ending supply of burgers and ice cream. But all the other activities are run by us, the Latin teachers. Every workshop, every presentation, every contest is supervised, judged, and monitored by us.

Because of this, it is so important that every chaperone show up on time for their assigned role. When a chaperone is missing or late, CSLD organizers have to scramble to find that teacher while keeping students occupied and safe. Sometimes this only takes a few minutes, othertimes it takes longer and the event must be cancelled. A missing chaperone affects two activities: theirs and the one from which the organizer is pulled. This means disappointed students and teachers alike.

Eheu! Don’t tell me Toga Teddies is cancelled!

Please review your supervisory duty (listed in your CSLD packet) before the big day and make sure your school’s chaperones are there on time. If you are not sure what to do, or if you forget your job, come on down to the Hospitality Tent and we will help you.

Tunics Are in Style!

Students at CT State Latin Day will find that they are turned away from workshops or told they are not cool enough to participate in our sporting events if they are not wearing proper attire—a tunica, that is!

Handsome and properly dressed! Let this man into Lumpies!

That’s right, everyone’s wearing tunicae. From New York’s Fashion Week to Connecticut State Latin Day, you really can’t participate unless you are tunicatus!

Tunicae are easy to make and are required wear for all students attending Latin Day. If you need some help making a tunica, click HOW TO MAKE A tunica. However, tunicae can be as unique as the people who wear them, and the good folks at CSLD encourage creativity.

Some exceptional institutions of learning show off their school spirit by making special school tunicae and entering our Tunica Contest.

Watch out for the Tunica Police! If they catch you wearing something amazing, you will be given a token of our esteem. But . . . if they catch you in barbarian attire, prepare yourself for a stern talking-to.

Other resources:
Roman Costume History
How To Make Roman Clothing
Legio XI shows us how to make a tunica


Admission Packets to Arrive Next Week

Here is an alphabetical list of the 53 schools that are registered for CT State Latin Day as of April 1st. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED:

Academy of Information Technology and Engineering, Amity Regional High School, Avon High School, Bolton High School, Branford High School, Bristol Central High School, Bristol Eastern, Bunnell High School, Chase Collegiate School, Cheshire High School, Coginchaug Regional High School, Conard High School, Daniel Hand High School, Darien High School, East Catholic High School, East Lyme High School, Ellington High School, EO Smith High School, Fairfield College Preparatory, Fairfield Warde High School, Fitch High School, Foran High School, Glastonbury High School, Hall High School, Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden High School, Henry James Memorial School, Joel Barlow High School, Jonathan Law High School, Lauralton Hall, Litchfield High School, New Canaan High School, New Fairfield High School, Newington High School, North Haven High School, Northwest Catholic High School, Notre Dame High School, RHAM, Rocky Hill High School, Saint Luke’s School, Saint Paul Catholic High School, Saxe Middle School, Simsbury High School, South Windsor, Southington High School, Stratford High School, The Foote School, The Gilbert School, Trumbull High School, Wamogo Regional HS #6, Waterford High School, Westhill High School, Weston High School

Your admission packets will be arriving at your schools next week. Please read all information carefully and contact Amy via with any problems or questions. Over the next month, this website will be updated often, so please check back often to ensure you don’t miss out. See you May 2nd!