2014 Archives

Registration for CSLD 2014 will begin on December 1st and end on March 1st. Please print, fill out and submit the registration form below, with payment, by the deadline of March 1st.

Don’t forget to order your t-shirts, too! The order form is on the t-shirt link. T-shirts are a great reminder of how much (educational) fun we have at Latin Day!

Registration Form 2014

Here is the CSLD 2014 winning T-shirt design, by Constantinus, a Latin I student at Glastonbury High School. The t-shirt order form, to be included with registration, is below.

Latin_Image_Web T-Shirt Order Form 2014

Costume contests for 2014 are:

Individual: Either Venus or Furor Impius

Couple: Augustus and Livia

CSLD Rules 2014 Printable Document

2014 declamation packet

Workshops and Presentations 2014


schedule 2014

Diploma 2014

Athletic and Projects Results

The following contests had no change from 2013:

Academic,  Athletic, Banners, Certamen, Tunica, Display


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