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Many Thanks to Nina Barclay!

Below you will find a letter announcing that Nina Barclay is  stepping down from her long-time post as coordinator of the Academic Contests at Latin Day. Nina, thank you so much for your years of service to Latin Day. We know how much time and effort you have put in to those contests, which are a huge part of the day, and we very much appreciate it. 

Hello Fellow Latin Teachers

This is the last year I will be performing these duties as coordinator and scantron feeder of the CT State Latin Day Academic Contests. I hope that someone will step forward to take up the reins. The academic contests at CSLD began in 1992 as a way to let more students gain recognition for their knowledge of the many strands of knowledge in the Latin curriculum.   We began with three contests: Grammar, Mythology, and Derivatives and added one or two contests each year until we reached the current 9. We added additional contests until we reached a “bank” of four years (A,B,G,D,) of tests. Each year we review a set of contests, and choose one or two to rewrite.  Each year we recognize more than 140 students, some of whom may have this as their only extracurricular/interscholastic award earned in high school.

I did not insert the contest names in Latin calligraphy as I have usually done. Some are nouns in the genitive and others are in adjectival form to modify certatione. They are:

Grammar:  Grammatica

History and Civilization:  Rerum Gestarum Romanarumque

Authors and Literature:  Auctorum et Litterarum

Derivatives: Historiae Verborum

Mythology:  Mythologiae

Mottoes, Abbreviations and Phrases: Sententiarum Latinarum

Geography: Geographica

Pentathlon: Pentathlonica

Greek: Linguae Graecae

Students this year were very polite and well behaved. Only 4 contests were discarded due to illegibility of names or missing information (school, level, or contest name).

Nina Barclay

Norwich Free Academy