CSLD Reminders

CT State Latin Day is this Friday! Please remember that all participants must be in Roman dress. Scroll down to the blog post “Tunicas Are In!” for more on that. Also, all adult chaperones are reminded that they have chaperone duties during the day at CSLD. Chaperone lists were included in your registration packets. If you are unsure when/where you have a duty, please stop by the hospitality tent to find out. Diplomas are now online – scroll down to print one for your students so they can get stamps from the workshops and presentations they attend. Pre-ordered t-shirts will be available at the hospitality tent after lunch. We may have extras, so if you didn’t order one, stop by toward the end of the day and see if we have one in your size. Please go to the rules tab to review CSLD rules and regulations. We look forward to a fantastic day Friday!